Best 10 Netflix hidden gems Movies January 2020 : Movies and shows you should watch

Best 10 Netflix hidden gems Movies January 2020 : Movies and shows you should watch

Best 10 Netflix hidden gems Movies January 2020: I’m going to tell you about top 10 hidden gem movies which you’ve probably missed on Netflix in 2020. You must watch these movies if you forget, These movies are the best movies according to me on Netflix.

1) Life after Beth

Life after Bethlife after Beth is sort of a romantic comedy movie which is available on Netflix, it is about a girl turning into a zombie now this starts Audrey Plaza who I really like. I think she’s really funny according to me she’s got just a really great screen presence overall so I really like her a lot and I wanted to like this movie a lot more than I did that said it’s still like a rom-com zombie movie. it works like it also didn’t really seem to just sort of rehash things and go over things the same way I was actually kind of surprised at the direction that went it went and sort of one of those indie movie directions that a studio wouldn’t really never let you get away with which I appreciate but then in this case I felt like it didn’t work 100% which is the only reason it’s back here at number 20 keep in mind when I say negative about a movie. I’m basically highlighting the only downsides that I see and also explaining sort of why they’re located so far back on the list but if you want sort of a rom-com thing that doesn’t follow the typical formula that has Bob replies of turning into a zombie life after Beth is like the only way to go to get all of that stuff.

2) G-Force

G-ForceG-force is a family-friendly movie on Netflix. it’s a kids movie that you will enjoy watching with Your kids like your son and daughter. I think they’re guinea pigs because they’re bigger anyway they’re spies and they have all this technology and stuff Zach Galifianakis is like the ringleader of them and he’s a real person but then all the guinea pigs are voiced by really talented people like Sam Rockwell Penelope Cruz Nicolas Cage Jon Favreau Steve Buscemi Tracy Morgan and they all bring their own kind of personal flair to it and that made it fun for me as an adult to watch plus you get almost like this Michael Bay style crazy action movie with these guinea pigs and it works like it’s fun now in no way shape or form is this a good movie but it is a good watch especially if you’re looking for something to watch with your kids or nieces or nephews.

3) Perfect Bid

Perfect Bidperfect bid is one of a few documentaries movie on Netflix. it’s a lot of fun he basically figured out that they repeat prizes and he could maintain a spreadsheet big big math nerd almost like I think he’s he’s on the spectrum maybe is what it seemed like so he kept track of everything and then he appeared on the show quite a few times or at least was in the audience and it makes for a very interesting story now this one’s way at the back because it felt kind of thrown together in terms of documentaries like they interviewed him a few other people they put in some footage it does work there’s nothing wrong with it but it really didn’t have the gusto that some of the documentaries closer to the number one spot on this list half I promise there’s some blood.

4) Mune

MuneMune is a very interesting animated movie on Netflix that spelled M you in E that again you can watch with your kids on Netflix and you should be entertained because it’s got these really beautiful visuals in this movie and you can watch this movie at your home with your kids. I didn’t feel like I was watching something that I had seen before which is so often the case with a lot of these like high turnover kids movies. there’s not a lot of meat on the bone for adults in these types of movies. Mune  is different though I’ve found it to be interesting the world that took place in was interesting the physics of it and everything and just sort of the like creatures and stuff that they came up with for this was it interesting enough and then the story is pretty good too so it’s a good movie to watch with the kids on Netflix not a lot of bad stuff in it but enough interesting things to sort of keep you engaged as well no another rom-com on the list. I should have back loaded some of the blood and guts but I love those movies better so they’re closer to number one.

5)  She’s out of my League:

She's out of my Leagueit is a very formulaic rom-com movie on Netflix however I thought this would had enough things going on in it to make it fresh and different that I’ve actually watched this one more than once now in this Jaber. she’ll plays a nerdy guy which is the only thing he knows how to play more or less and he starts dating Alice Eve’s character and she if you don’t know you’ve seen her and stuff. she’s a 9.9, she’s definitely out of his league and it works it was fun it is really funny. she’s good in it, TJ Miller has a really funny performance in it. that wasn’t just sappy and weighed down so this is on the list for longtime viewers that maybe need a date night movie. it’s the one out of all the ROM comes on Netflix.

6) Ninja Assassin

Ninja AssassinNow I am talking about One another movie on Netflix which “Ninja Assassin”, it is loaded with them the only reason it’s so far back is it’s a lot of CGI blood and guts however lot of action in this one and and really but like over-the-top crazy fight scenes not realistic but it’s okay because fun to watch it’s exciting this is a really fun bloody movie that isn’t boring it’s not like you’re just waiting for someone’s head to get cut off there’s enough of a story there to keep everything moving and then the action scenes are really great my only downside to this one is I prefer to see real special effects I find that so much more satisfying looking but also more interesting than just someone at a computer let’s sort of like playing with it you can tell when you watch it enough to take you out of it and I don’t really appreciate that but Ninja Assassin is badass enough to make up for it.

7) Sweetheart

SweetheartSweetheart is a Supernatural movies which is available on Netflix. it is when a lot of you have been mentioning in the comments. You can watch this because this is the one of the best movies which I personally recommended. I really liked it, it’s on the list this is actually the second feature film from director “JD Dillard”. I liked his other movie slight about a magician like close-up magic but there’s something kind of supernatural happening. it was cool I really dug that movie I did feel like it was a little thin like there should have been a little more going on in the story for a feature length and I felt similarly about sweetheart. I liked everything that was in it, I thought it was really well put together and everything but I felt like there should have been a little bit more happening I felt like there was maybe a ten-minute sequence that was missing or something like that but that’s really the only downside. I thought the music was cool I thought the lead actress really killed it and I feel like Dillard really put her through the wringer she really looks like she’s doing a lot of the real grunt . if you like the way I’m talking about it definitely give sweetheart a shot I think it’s got one of the worst names of any of the movies on this list for sure because it doesn’t represent the movie there’s a lot more going on there she’s kind of a weird name for it but I did dig it hopefully a lot of you will as well.

8) Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia is a really good movie on Netflix. I almost hesitate to call it a crime thriller because it’s really not you’re in fact you’re gonna be disappointed going into it with that expectation this is a fairly slow-paced movie stars Jon Bernthal and I can’t actually give away too many of the plot points because it’ll really ruined ultimately what the movies about but it takes place in a small town in Virginia. the movie opens up with a massive crime sort of an earth-shattering crime and the movie interestingly enough is not really about the investigation and stuff even though those elements are there it’s really about these characters that sort of cross paths and things could go one way or another way. you’re not really sure how they’re gonna go but I thought the performances were great I like the environment of this movie. this is really the type of movie that I gravitate towards that said if it were maybe a little tighter and had maybe a little bit more going on in it I would have ranked it much much higher that said I liked everything that takes place in the movie.

9) Heartbreakers

HeartbreakersOne another movies on Netflix which is Heartbreakers. this actually stars huge cast Sigourney Weaver Gene Hackman jennifer Love Hewitt Jason Lee and Ray Liotta. everybody’s great in it and “Sigourney Weaver” and ” jennifer Love Hewitt” are a mother and daughter team they’re grifters or gold diggers. they’re trying to take advantage of Richmond and gene Hackman plays this super wealthy guy who’s clearly on his last leg he never doesn’t have a cigarette in his mouth in the movie. which is larious Ray Liotta plays his typical character but he’s good at that but Sigourney Weaver is surprisingly funny in this and yet there’s a lot of sex jokes and stuff. I got a lot more than I expected from Heartbreakers.

10) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassusyou might be familiar with it is the last movie that Heath Ledger did before. he died it came out after his death in fact they didn’t even finish all of the filming before he died they had to actually write in this weird plot twist that allows other actors to play his character and it kind of works and I say kinda cuz that’s the only thing really keeping this from being higher. this is directed by Terry Gilliam who I love his work. I think he enjoys the smell of his own farts a little bit too much these days for my taste. . The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is no exception Tom Waits place the devil in this really just great role of course I love Tom Waits he Ledger’s great and then the way they replace him is interesting but the movie sort of fell apart for me at that point however. it is this really beautiful sort of amazing journey so if you like the other Terry Gilliam movies that I mentioned if you want to see what Heath Ledger’s career ended on give this one a shot but just be warned I told you it’s weird and it ultimately doesn’t work.

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